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A guide to buying NFTs with Valora

25 octobre 2023facebook-icontwitter-iconlinkedin-icon

A guide to buying NFTs with Valora 


If you’re an NFT beginner, Valora is the perfect app to begin your exploration into this diverse world: 

  • Browsing and purchasing NFTs is a seamless process with the Valora app and only requires a few taps. 

  • Your Valora wallet provides a single, convenient place for you to view and collect all of the NFTs that you buy from Celo NFT marketplaces. 

  • Plastiks is one marketplace that offers special NFTs that are directly linked to removing plastics from our environment. 

  • tofuNFT is another marketplace that offers a wide variety of NFT collections on Celo. 

One of the most popular uses of crypto is buying and selling NFTs - short for “non-fungible tokens.” NFTs are cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain. However, unlike cryptocurrency, which is “fungible” - meaning every token is exchangeable for every other token (like dollar bills), non-fungible tokens are verifiably unique. Each NFT has a unique digital identity that cannot be replicated. NFTs can be freely bought and sold, and the history of ownership - and, therefore, authenticity - is verifiable on the blockchain

Valora plugs you directly into the exciting world of NFTs. With your Valora app, you can easily connect to NFT marketplaces to buy and sell NFTs. And with your Valora wallet, all of your NFTs are securely stored and accessible in one place. 

So, if you’re ready to get your first NFT, then read through this guide!

Start exploring an NFT marketplace 

On Celo there are quite a few different marketplaces where you can buy and sell NFTs. For those who are new to crypto, so many choices can seem overwhelming. But to make it easier for you, we’ll highlight two marketplaces that you can begin exploring today. 

Plastiks is a marketplace offering a unique assortment of NFT collections. The NFTs available for purchase, are unique in offering features that also benefit the environment. 

Each NFT featured on Plastiks is backed by a Plastic Recovery Guarantee, which proves a certain amount of plastic has been removed from the environment to help save the earth. To date, Plastiks has removed 1.9 million kilograms of plastic and 210 million plastic bottles from the environment through their NFTs. 

Another popular marketplace is tofuNFT. Tofu is a marketplace that features thousands of different NFT collections. This marketplace is simple to navigate and enables you to browse one of the largest varieties of NFT collections on Celo. Users can easily sort by the newest NFTs, the lowest price or highest price, or NFT sales that are ending soon. 

Marketplaces like Plastiks and tofuNFT serve as a good starting point for you to explore NFTs. We encourage you to browse through them and see if there are any NFTs that appeal to you!

How to buy NFTs on a marketplace with Valora 

Now let’s walk you through the basic steps of how to get an NFT with the Valora app so you can start collecting your own NFTs in your Valora wallet. Since we shared details about two different marketplaces, including both Plastiks and tofuNFT, here are two different guided steps to get an NFT on either platform.

Plastiks Marketplace 

  • Launch the Valora app

  • Navigate to the Dapps section to select the Plastiks NFT marketplace

  • Click “Log in”, Tap “Connect Wallet,” and select Valora

  • After your Valora app connects to Plastiks, go back to the Plastiks marketplace on your browser

  • Browse and select the NFT you want to purchase and tap “Buy Now” to complete the transaction 

tofuNFT Marketplace 

  • Launch any browser on your smartphone and go to tofuNFT  

  • Browse the various different NFTs that are available on Celo

  • Click on the one that you are interested in buying

  • Press buy and connect your Valora wallet by tapping on Wallet Collect

  • Search for Valora and then authorize it to transact with that NFT

  • Confirm the purchase in Valora, and now you have a new NFT! 

After you’ve bought your NFT, you are now the owner of your unique NFT, and your ownership is verifiable on the Celo blockchain. As the owner, you’re free to view, hold, and sell your NFT at any time. Congratulations!

Viewing your NFTs in the Valora app

Remember that your Valora app contains your own self-custody crypto wallet. This wallet gives you the ability to view and manage all your NFTs in one place. 

After you purchase an NFT on the Celo blockchain through a marketplace, your NFT will automatically be stored and shown in your Valora wallet. To access or view your NFTs, simply click your Valora app’s side menu and then “Collectibles.” This is where your NFTs will be displayed. 


When it comes to NFTs, the Valora app makes it easy to start browsing, buying, and collecting NFTs. Download the award-winning Valora app today to start exploring the exciting world of NFTs with just a few taps!

25 octobre 2023

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