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More Interest with Fewer Steps with Revo

May 27, 2022facebook-icontwitter-iconlinkedin-icon

Meet Revo

Revo is a dapp built on the Celo blockchain and one of the most popular dapps on Valora’s Dapps Page. That’s because with Revo you’re just two taps away from yield farming! Yield farming allows you to provide liquidity and earn crypto rewards in return.


Why you’ll love using Revo

  1. Revo is the easiest way to yield farm, taking only a few seconds to “zap in”

  2. Revo has lower fees than other yield farming dapps

  3. Revo auto-compounds your rewards to give you a higher APY

How to start zapping with Revo

You can find Revo under Dapps in the Valora menu. Then, as the name suggests, yield farming on Revo is fast and easy, involving just two steps:

  1. approve your start currency (say, cUSD)

  2. swap for an RFP token (short for "Revo Farm Point")

That’s it. 

How Revo compares to other yield farming dapps

On top of auto-compounding rewards, Revo’s main draw is the simplicity of its zapping process. Compare the steps above to the typical 8-step yield farming process on other dapps:

  1. approve your start currency (say, cUSD)

  2. swap for token 1 in a liquidity pool

  3. swap for token 2 in the pool

  4. approve token 1

  5. approve token 2

  6. deposit token 1 and token 2 in the liquidity pool

  7. approve the resulting LP

  8. deposit the LP in a farm

And you’re still not done… You end up repeating the first three steps every single time you want to re-invest rewards since rewards are given out in up to 3 different tokens. Check out this video comparing Revo to the traditional yield farming flow.

The choice is yours but we think zapping into an auto-compounding farm saves you a lot of hassle. Especially when zapping out is just as easy.

Why you’ll love being on Celo

When you use Revo, you get the added benefits of the Celo blockchain:

  • Carbon-negative

  • 5 second block times

  • Zero downtime


Get started today

You can find Revo on Valora’s Dapps Page. To learn more about Revo and the zapping experience check them out on their website, Twitterblog, and Discord. Happy zapping! 

May 27, 2022

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