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Our 3 favorite dapps to help save our environment

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Valora is your number one gateway to environmentally conscious ReFi dapps like Plastiks, Toucan and Flywallet. With these three dapps, your actions can help make meaningful contributions to a more sustainable environment.

  • Plastiks: Discover and Collect NFTs that  support plastic recovery all over the world.

  • Toucan: Purchase and retire tokenized carbon credits with Toucan’s Blockchain-based infrastructure for tokenizing and scaling carbon markets.

  • Flywallet: Save, plan, and purchase affordable flights, while automatically offsetting your carbon emissions.

ReFi - Our 3 favorite dapps to help save our environment

The landscape of dapps that contribute to a better environment in the Celo blockchain is extensive. So we’ve taken the hard part of finding them and highlighted 3 of the best dapps that contribute to a more sustainable environment. 

Each of these 3 dapps focuses on a specific area that helps improve our environment -  from cleaning the world of plastic, to trading carbon credits, and offsetting carbon emissions. 

Together, they empower our community to contribute to a better environment with just a few taps of the Valora app!


Plastiks - Purchase NFTs that remove plastic from the environment


Plastiks.io is a Greentech company focused on plastic recycling by connecting companies with plastic recovery projects worldwide. 

By harnessing the power of the Celo blockchain to verify plastic removal, Plastiks enables both individuals and businesses to take significant action against plastic pollution.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Marketplace - Companies can set up campaigns that are linked to plastic recovery programs for users to browse and select from.

  2. NFTS -  Users can buy, trade, and collect the most environmentally friendly NFTs that companies create through the Plastiks.io’s marketplace.

  3. Blockchain - The Celo blockchain facilitates marketplace NFT transactions, guaranteeing fast processing, affordability, and carbon neutrality.

Learn more about NFTs for plastic recovery with Plastiks. 


Toucan - Purchase carbon credits


Toucan protocol leverages blockchain-based infrastructure to help scale carbon markets globally. By tokenizing carbon credits, Toucan is enabling new use cases,driving new demand, and providing a more transparent global marketplace for carbon credits. 

Toucan’s network gives climate projects the opportunity to pool together similar carbon credits to build deep liquidity, which can then be traded on decentralized exchanges across Web3.

Here's how it works:

  1. Carbon Credits - It all starts with carbon credits. A carbon credit represents a project’s planet-positive impact. Carbon credits are certified by standards bodies like Verra and Gold Standard.

  2. The Toucan Carbon Bridge - Ensures that only credits from trusted sources become TCO2 tokens. These tokens are moved onto the Open Climate Registry, which lives on energy-efficient blockchains like Celo.

  3. TCO2 Tokens - Have all the carbon credit data such as the project info, the date of when it was created and more. Then these tokens can either be retired, taking them out of circulation or deposited to a TCO2 carbon pool for trading on a decentralized exchange. 

Learn more about how to unlock climate action at scale with Toucan.


Flywallet - Every flight you book with Flywallet has a carbon offset


Flywallet is a travel platform that makes saving money for travel fun, while helping reduce your climate impact. 

Built on the Celo blockchain, Flywallet lets you search for affordable flights, build a personalized travel plan, save towards a trip, and offset your flights' carbon emissions. You can pay for any flight on Flywallet using cUSD or cEUR, right from your Valora wallet.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Browse flights and choose your destination - You can find affordable flights directly through the Flywallet dashboard. Once you connect your crypto wallet and enter your passport details, you’ll get a personalized budget plan and travel inspiration.

  2. Takeoff to support the environment with carbon offsets - All flights booked with Flywallet support sustainable environmental projects, offsetting the carbon emissions of every trip you take.

Learn more about travel savings with Flywallet.


Valora is deeply committed to the environment, giving everyone in the community the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution.

Jackie Bona, CEO of Valora


By offering a variety of eco-friendly ReFi dapps, Valora enables our community to engage in environmental preservation while also reaping the benefits of decentralized applications on the Celo blockchain.

Your usage of these dapps helps contribute to a more sustainable environment. By placing environmentally-conscious projects at your fingertips, we invite you to join us to take an active role in this environmental mission.

Start making a difference today. Explore and try out one of these dapps on the Valora Dapps Page and contribute towards a greener, more sustainable world.

Read more with this guide to Get started with Valora and download Valora here to support our environment!

19 tháng 9, 2023

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