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Dapp Spotlight: Browse NFTs for Plastic Recovery with Plastiks

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  • What is Plastiks? - Plastiks is a Greentech company that improves plastic recovery and recycling by connecting companies with plastic recovery projects worldwide. 

  • What can I do with Plastiks? - The platform provides three solutions to offer ways for a company to play an important role in helping remove plastic waste from the environment through an on-chain marketplace. 

  • Plastik Marketplace Programs - Easily find a plastics recovery project to help through the Plastiks open market and contribute directly through Valora. 

  • Plastik NFT Marketplace - The Plastiks NFT marketplace connects people around the world and helps them remove plastics together. Individuals can buy, sell and trade these NFTs directly through Valora. 

  • Company Partnerships - FC Barcelona, the world-wide known football team has agreed to use Plastik’s platform, built on the Celo blockchain, to recover 1,000,000 kilograms of plastic across developing countries.

Disclaimer: The following article is for informational purposes only. It should not be taken as an endorsement, investment, tax, financial, or other advice. The Plastiks dapp is not built or maintained by Valora nor does Valora receive any payment or other form of compensation from Plastiks. This article simply aims to provide an explanation of how many people around the world are using the Valora wallet to access and explore decentralized applications like Plastiks. As with any Web3 solution, you alone assume the sole responsibility of evaluating the merits and risks associated with using any third-party decentralized application.


What is Plastiks?

Plastiks is a Greentech company that is improving plastic recovery and recycling worldwide by connecting companies with plastic recovery projects. 

By harnessing the transparency of the Celo blockchain, Plastiks provides an all-in-one tool for verifiable plastic waste removal. This gives organizations that want to contribute to reducing plastic in our environment a single platform for reducing our collective plastic footprint. 

Additionally, Plastiks lets individuals directly reduce plastic in our environment by using the Plastiks Marketplace to support plastics removal programs or buy NFTs backed by Plastic Recovery Guarantees (PRGs), which prove that a certain amount of plastic has been recovered somewhere in the world.


What can I do with Plastiks? 

Plastiks provides options for both individuals and companies to reduce plastic waste in the environment. This allows individuals to contribute to plastic removal programs and enables businesses to build plastic waste recovery initiatives directly into their products.

If you’re a company that wants to help reduce plastic in our environment, Plastiks' on-chain platform provides three ways for your company to help remove plastic waste from the environment and help contribute to a more sustainable future:

Plastiks Solutions for Companies

  • Reduce your plastic footprint - Offset your plastic usage/production by provably funding the collection of an equal amount of plastic waste

  • Engage your customers - At checkout, offer recovery project options that align with your values - and where participating customers can also get an NFT in return 

  • Sponsor based on sales - Setup sponsorship of recovery programs for every product or service sold 

Through these options, Plastiks offers a unique solution for businesses focused on improving their sustainability agenda and ESG goals, individuals concerned about environmental concerns, and recovery projects seeking funds to expand their impact.

Companies can use the Plastiks open market to acquire Plastic Recovery Guarantees (PRGs), which serve as proof the recovered plastic is not ending up back in the environment. By providing this marketplace, Plastiks is empowering a collective effort to reduce plastic pollution and create a more sustainable future.


Plastiks Solutions for Individuals

If you’re an individual and want to contribute directly to plastics removal, you can easily find a project through the Plastiks open market and directly support any of them through the Valora app. Every plastics recovery program offers a Plastic Recovery Guarantee (PRG), which serves as proof that the recovered plastic is not ending up back in the environment. 

Programs listed in the marketplace are based all over the world. Details for each plastic recovery program are listed so individuals have full transparency to see and track the impact of supporting individual programs. 

When individuals support a program, they receive a Plastic Recovery Guarantee (PRG) NFT, which represents a set weight amount of plastics recovered and diverted by that specific program. 


Plastiks Solutions for Collectors 

The Plastiks NFT marketplace also connects people around the world to help them remove plastics together. Every NFT is backed by a Plastic Recovery Guarantee proving where and how much plastic has been recovered by the project. Users can buy, trade and collect the most environmentally friendly NFTs in the world by using Plastiks on Valora. 

The Plastiks NFT marketplace makes it easy to see and browse through both existing and new NFT collections that have individual NFTs attached to recovered plastic efforts. The Plastiks NFT marketplace also provides tools for anyone to create NFTs that recover plastic, and list them for sale on the marketplace, helping to both remove plastic waste, and bring further awareness to the problem.

How do I get started as an individual?

To start using Plastiks, you will first need to connect to Valora. If you haven’t already - you can download the Valora app from the Apple App store or Google Play store here. It only takes a few simple steps to set up your Valora wallet.

To start using Plastiks and contribute to removing plastic waste from the environment, follow the steps below. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on Discord, and our team would be happy to assist you. 

1. Launch Valora

  • Launch Valora on your smartphone

  • Select Plastiks from the dapps page on android, or visit Plastiks.io from your browser on iOS.

  • Log in with Wallet Connect by clicking Log in at the top right, and choosing the "Connect wallet" option. Click Wallet Connect, and then select Valora.

2. Select a Plastiks Marketplace program or NFT

  • Click Marketplace or NFTs and then access to start in Plastiks 

  • Browse Selections to find the program or NFT that you are interested in  

  • Support a Program or NFT collection that you want to support 


The Plastiks FC Barcelona Partnership  

As a high profile example of a major company utilizing Plastiks, the world-wide known football team FC Barcelona has partnered with the Plastik’s platform, built on the Celo blockchain, to recover 1,000,000 kilograms of plastic across developing countries. 

Barca fans can choose the country from where the plastic credits are going. Those projects selected by fans then receive credits that will fund the growth of their plastic removal efforts through the Plastiks platform. 

Additionally, fans can collect NFTs from these contributions to show off their participation in removing plastic from our natural environment to create a more sustainable future. 

Benefits of the FC Barcelona NFT collection

  • A Piece of Sports History - The NFTs are inspired by the values of one of the most iconic sports clubs in the world, making them a piece of sports history to be owned and cherished

  • Exclusive Experiences - NFT collectors, will receive exclusive access to unique experiences, such as meet and greets with football players and backstage access to events

  • Potential Rewards - As interest in the NFTs grows, there is potential for additional unannounced rewards exclusive to the collection

Why we’re excited 

Plastiks is a fantastic example of a platform using Celo’s blockchain technology to make a positive impact on our environment. Now that Plastiks has been integrated into Valora, our users can easily browse and select from a variety of plastic reduction programs or NFT collections (such as the FC Barcelona partnership) that help improve our environment! 

Stay tuned and make sure to follow @Valora and @Plastiks_io on Twitter to get details on new plastic recovery programs and NFT collections made possible by our Plastiks partnership! 

If you haven’t already, make sure to download the Valora app today to select a program or NFT that removes plastic from our environment for a more sustainable future!  

31 tháng 5, 2023

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