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How to easily swap assets without using a DEX on Valora

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Valora makes it super easy to buy, sell, or trade crypto instantly. 

  • With Valora’s swap feature, you no longer need to connect to a third-party decentralized exchange (DEX) to trade crypto. 

  • Token swaps on Valora are completed in 3 quick steps. This means you can trade Celo’s most popular assets like impactMarket (PACT), JumpTask (JMPT), Moola (MOO), and more in seconds, or… 

  • Swap over 45+ assets right within your Valora app - Direct swaps simplify access to dozens of assets, including top cryptocurrencies like Ether, SOL, BNB, and AAVE as wrapped assets. 

The crypto market moves fast. And some days, you need to be able to access and swap assets quickly just to keep up.

Valora’s swap feature allows you to do just that. With Valora, you can trade assets in seconds - all from the Valora app homepage. 

DEXs are great for setting up more precise or complex trades. But if you are looking for a seamless way to quickly complete a swap, there’s no better option than directly from your Valora app.  

If you want to see how easy it can be to trade CELO’s best assets - stick around. We’ll walk you through it in this article.

Swap Celo’s well-known assets with Valora 

With the ease of Valora’s swap feature, you can trade Celo’s most popular assets and start building your portfolio. Swaps now offer direct access to: 

  • impactMarket (PACT) unlocks Web3 to provide financial services to people in developing economies. PACT, the dapp’s governance token, gives users a voice as to the direction of the protocol’s mission. And the token also works to incentivize donations as it’s used as a reward for contributions.

  • JumpTask (JMPT) is a crypto-based gig economy marketplace that matches businesses’ needs with people’s labor. With Jumptask, individuals complete microtasks for payment with the platform’s native token, JMPT. JMPT can be traded for other cryptos or staked for further rewards. 

  • Moola (MOO) allows users to lend and borrow crypto assets with each other. You can receive rewards by lending your crypto assets to others or you can deposit your assets as collateral to take out a crypto loan. Moola’s native token – MOO – is both a governance and rewards token. 

  • Plastiks (PLASTIK) - Plastiks is a blockchain-based platform using the native token PLASTIK to incentivize and enable plastic recovery globally. The PLASTIK token is the only token that is influenced by the action of plastic recovery and environmental impact. 

  • EthicHub (ETHIX) - Ethix aims to act as a bridge between DeFi and the real economy represented by one billion+ small farmers in the world. The purchase of ETHIX invests in EthicHub’s Compensation Reserve, providing collateral for farmers' loans and reducing the perceived risk.

Now available: 45+ assets including top cryptocurrencies

Direct swaps simplify access to dozens of additional assets, including top cryptocurrencies like Ether, SOL, BND, AAVE, as wrapped assets. Valora users can also swap Moola stablecoins like mCUSD, mCEUR, or mCREAL, in addition your favorite Celo dapp tokens. New assets include:

  • Wrapped Ether (WETH) - The native cryptocurrency of Ethereum, called Ether (ETH), is tokenized as Wrapped Ether (WETH). This tokenization process makes ETH usable outside of the Ethereum ecosystem by enabling its use in decentralized applications (dapps).

  • Wrapped Solana (SOL) - Wrapped SOL is a safe and secure way to transact with the Solana network. Wrapped tokens are backed 1:1 with real Solana (SOL) tokens.

  • Binance (BNB) - BNB powers the Binance ecosystem and is the native asset of the Binance Chain.

  • AAVE - Aave is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform that allows users to borrow and lend crypto. Aave’s native crypto token (AAVE) can be traded or staked to earn interest.

Combined with Valora’s Supercharge rewards, you can get rewards on Moola stablecoins like mCUSD, mCEUR, or mCREAL. It is also possible to both earn Moola rewards and Supercharge rewards on the same asset. (In order to do this, your Moola stablecoin must be your highest-value balance (in USD, capped at 1000 USD) out of all your assets that are eligible for Supercharge.)

By swapping in Valora, you can enjoy the benefits of these assets, while paying a fraction of the cost in gas fees. Explore Valora’s expanded swaps feature and see for yourself!

Swapping assets with Valora vs. a DEX: a comparison 

Swapping assets with Valora is much simpler than doing the same with a DEX. Here’s a step-by-step comparison to illustrate the difference. 

3 steps to swap assets with Valora

To complete a swap in Valora, just do the following: 

  1. On your Valora app’s homepage, click the “Swap” icon 

  2. Input the assets and amount that you’re swapping

  3. Once you’re ready to make the trade, tap “Review” and “Confirm” 

And that’s it! You’ve made your swap, and your new assets are now in your Valora wallet. 

6 steps to swap assets with a DEX 

Making the same swap with a DEX requires the following: 

  1. Click the menu icon on the homepage of your Valora app 

  2. Click “Dapps”, and then search for the DEX that you want 

  3. Select and launch your chosen DEX

  4. Once it’s open, connect the DEX to your Valora wallet 

  5. Input the assets and amount that you’re swapping 

  6. Press “Review” and “Confirm” to make the trade 

As you can see, using Valora’s swap feature is at least twice as fast as using a DEX. 

Try swapping assets directly

When it comes to swapping assets on Celo, there’s nothing more convenient than Valora’s swap feature. Keep an eye out, as our team is continuously working to add new options in-app.

And if you’re not a Valora user yet, get started today by downloading the Valora app here.

22 novembre 2023

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