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Dapp Spotlight: Jet-set to travel savings with Flywallet

13 July 2023facebook-icontwitter-iconlinkedin-icon


  • What is Flywallet? - Flywallet is a travel platform that makes it easy to save money and book flights with your crypto.

  • What can I do with Flywallet? - Flywallet helps you automatically save for a trip, create a budget plan, book a flight, collect rewards, and more.

  • What opportunities do you have with Flywallet? - In addition to booking flights, you can now save for your travel (and get rewarded for it!) To encourage the Valora community to start saving, Flywallet is offering a special promotion - everyone who uses their Valora wallet to start saving on Flywallet before July 31 will be eligible for a 10% discount when they use Flywallet savings to book a flight.

  • How to qualify - Use your Valora wallet to start saving as little as $1 cUSD on Flywallet before the end of the month, and your discount will be automatically applied when you book your flight. 

Disclaimer: The following article is for informational purposes only. It should not be taken as an endorsement, investment, tax, financial, or other advice. The Flywallet dapp is not built or maintained by Valora nor does Valora receive any payment or other form of compensation from Flywallet. This article simply aims to provide an explanation of how many people around the world are using the Valora wallet to access and explore decentralized applications like Flywallet. As with any Web3 solution, you alone assume the sole responsibility of evaluating the merits and risks associated with using any third-party decentralized application.

What is Flywallet?

Flywallet is a travel platform that makes saving money for travel fun and effortless. Built on the Celo blockchain, Flywallet lets you search for affordable flights, build a personalized travel plan, automatically save towards a trip, and pay for any flight using cUSD or cEUR, right from your Valora wallet.


What can I do with Flywallet?

Flywallet is designed to help you travel more by budgeting smarter, with features to help you save, plan, and book your next trip: 

  • Search for affordable flights - Search for flights on major airlines and compare prices to find the best deals. You can even set price alerts so you're notified when a flight you're interested in drops in price.

  • Use crypto to pay for flights - Once you're ready to book a flight, you can connect your Valora wallet to start saving or pay for your flight with cUSD or cEUR—no need to off-ramp your crypto to pay for flights.  

  • Save up for your dream trip - Automatically deduct a predetermined amount from your account each week (as little as $1 cUSD daily) or monthly until you've saved your preset goal for your flight. Plus, you can track your progress to stay motivated and on track. 

  • Create a personalized budget plan - Take into account your travel dates, destination, and budget to keep everything within your budget.

  • Get unlimited support - A team of travel experts is available to help you with anything you need, from booking your flight to finding the best deals on accommodations.

  • Sustainable Travel - All flights booked with Flywallet support sustainable environmental projects, offsetting the carbon emissions of every trip you take.

  • Collect rewards and incentives - Get exclusive offers, bonuses, and discounts to motivate and accelerate your savings journey – such as this month's offer for Valora users (see details below!).


How do I get started? 

To start using Flywallet, you will first need to connect to Valora. If you haven't already - you can download Valora from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store here. It only takes a few simple steps to set up your Valora wallet.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us on Discord; our team would be happy to assist you. 

1. Launch Valora

  • Launch Valora on your smartphone.

  • Select Flywallet from the dapps page.

  • Log in with WalletConnect by tapping "Get Started," tap Celo, then select Valora to connect to Flywallet.

2. Use Flywallet

  • Search for flights by directly entering flight details for a Round-trip or One-way trip.

  • Start saving for a flight by tapping on "Start Saving." Then search for a flight, enter a custom dollar amount, your deadline date, and payment frequency. 

  • Track flight prices that you want to book in the near future to find the lowest price.


Watch your savings take flight

Your travel budget just got a major upgrade with Flywallet's Savings Smart Contract!

Flywallet's new Savings Smart Contract provides an automated way to save for your next trip. To encourage new users to try out this feature, Flywallet is offering a special savings promotion for the Valora community. 

To qualify, use Valora to start saving as little as $1 cUSD towards a trip on Flywallet. From now until the end of the month, Flywallet will offer a special discount for Valora users who create a Flywallet savings goal:   

  • Any Valora user who opens a savings account in Flywallet from now until the end of July will be eligible for a 10% discount (applied automatically to your wallet address).

  • Post a screenshot of your progress and tag @Valora and @Fly_Wallet to show off your savings!

  • To be eligible, your savings account must be connected to a verified Valora Wallet address.

Save, Earn, Jet-set

Flywallet is a great travel platform to help you save and book flights with your Valora wallet. It's easy to use and has a variety of features that can help you reach all your travel goals!

Be sure to follow @Valora and @Fly_Wallet on Twitter for more ways to use and save your crypto to book your dream destination - all made possible through this exciting partnership! 💫

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