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7 Ways to Earn in Valora

16. Februar 2024facebook-icontwitter-iconlinkedin-icon

Looking for more opportunities to get crypto rewards? You have numerous options in Valora. Fast-track your crypto portfolio in just a few taps - then watch your crypto grow.

To start, here are seven quick ways to Super-charge your digital assets in Valora. 


  1. Swap, borrow, and save with top DeFi protocols like Uniswap, Lido, and Aave.

  2. Earn yield on your savings with HaloFi.

  3. Receive G$ with GoodDollar.

  4. Collect $JMPT for completing tasks with JumpTask.

  5. Learn & Earn - Collect/receive/earn rewards for learning with impactMarket.

  6. Lend, borrow, or add to a pool to earn rewards with Moola.

  7. Get Supercharge rewards with 7% annual rewards on your Celo stablecoins simply by holding them in Valora.

1. Swap, Borrow, & Save

Digital assets provide new ways to grow your savings, such as providing liquidity through Uniswap, liquid staking on Lido, or lending and borrowing with Aave.

Currently, you can provide cUSD and cEUR together on Uniswap to earn up to 0.5% APY. 

Navigate to Valora’s dapps page and connect to Uniswap using WalletConnect to get started.

2. Earn by Saving

HaloFi is a gamified DeFi platform offering new and exciting ways to help you hit your savings goals while rewarding you for it.

Connect your Valora wallet to HaloFi on the dapps page and select your preferred savings challenge. If you reach your goals consistently, you will earn a share of the rewards. Win-win!

3. Receive Universal Basic Income (UBI)

With GoodDollar, everybody is eligible to receive free GoodDollar tokens as daily Universal Basic Income (UBI), distributed as a digital currency called G$.

Once you’ve verified your personhood (see instructions here), you can claim G$ UBI daily by tapping "Claim" in your Valora wallet. 

For easy access, just head to Valora’s homepage and select “View Assets” to quickly view your dapp positions and claim your rewards. It’s that simple. 

4. Collect $JMPT

JumpTask is a micro-work platform that uses the JumpToken ($JMPT) to reward users for completing tasks.

Accessing numerous gig-work options in JumpTask only requires a few steps. Just navigate to Valora’s dapps page to get started.

You can earn $JMPT by completing tasks such as surveys, games, or even sharing Internet bandwidth. Receive instant payments that you can withdraw to your Valora wallet in seconds.

5. Learn & Earn

impactMarket harnesses DeFi (decentralized finance) technology to provide tools and programs to support financially underserved individuals around the world. 

The platform focuses on creating engaging educational content on various financial practices and projects, such as the basics of finance, credit, saving, and more. For easy earning, try out their “Learn & Earn” lessons to unlock rewards as you level up.

You can connect to impactMarket from Valora’s Dapps page.

6. Lend, Borrow, or Add

With Moola, you can earn interest on Celo stablecoins, as well as CELO and Moola’s MOO token. Connect your wallet from Valora’s dapps page to lend, borrow, and assets to start earning interest.

Moola stablecoins such as mCUSD, mCEUR, and mCReal are also eligible for weekly Supercharge rewards in Valora. And in case you forget, we’ll send you weekly reminders to claim your rewards. Then, you can sit back while your assets do all the hard work for you.

7. Get Supercharge Rewards

Speaking of Supercharge - there is no better way to get rewarded just for holding crypto! Add a minimum of $10 (cUSD, mCUSD, cEUR, mCEUR, cREAL, and mCREAL), and Valora will boost your crypto with 7% annual rewards.

*Make sure your account has the minimum required balance, then add more funds to maximize your rewards. 

All you need to do is download Valora, confirm your phone number, and add funds to your account to become eligible.

There you have it! Seven easy ways to get rewards - endless opportunities to explore crypto using Valora. 💫

More rewards are headed your way. Follow @Valora to be the first to know about special promotions, giveaways, and product updates.

16. Februar 2024

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