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7 Things You Can Do in Bidali (Right Away!)

29. Juni 2023facebook-icontwitter-iconlinkedin-icon

Bidali is a global marketplace full of your favorite products and services - and a fast and easy way to use your Valora balance in the real world. If you’re just getting started, here are seven ways you can easily use your cUSD and cEUR to eat at a restaurant, book an Airbnb, and even purchase mobile airtime - all in just minutes!

Ready, set - spend!

  1. Plan dinner at your favorite restaurant - If you're looking to plan a dinner with your friends or family, you can use Bidali to select and pay for your favorite restaurants, including Chipotle, Applebee's, Olive Garden, and many others. Options vary by region, so take a look to see which of your favorites are available in the dapp. Or, if you prefer your local restaurants, you can also select and order through Uber Eats, Grab and DoorDash.  With so many choices, you decide what you want to eat for dinner!*

  2. Book a summer dream vacation - If you're planning a summer vacation, Bidali enables you to book cruises with Carnival, or stays at or Airbnb. With Airbnb you can rent apartments, homes, and other accommodations all over the world… and you can even book your flights with Airlinegift or Southwest. This is a great way to use your crypto on a unique, fun vacation or experience.**

  3. Shop for home essentials - If you need to buy some essentials for your home, you can buy a gift card to use on Amazon, Target, Walmart, Crate & Barrel, or even Home Depot. Between all these options, and more -  there are millions of products you can use for your home. The next time you need to restock your home supplies or start that next project, use Bidali to buy all your household goods!

  4. Buy mobile top-ups for you and your family - If you need to top up your mobile phone, Bidali offers several options to choose from. You can buy gift cards to use on your mobile phone from wireless services from AT&T to T-Mobile. This is a great way to help out friends and family members back home and a low cost, efficient remittance alternative.***

  5. Treat yourself to a morning coffee or tea - If you need to satisfy your caffeine craving, look no further. You can easily order your next cup with gift cards for Starbucks, Peet's, Dunkin’, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Why not have your staking rewards pay for your next morning treat?

  6. Pay for your groceries - Between Safeway, Albertons, Vons, Sam’s Club, Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, and Instacart, Bidali has most grocery stores covered. Simply pick up a gift card and pay for all, or part of your groceries with Valora!

  7. Save your crypto (in Valora) and get weekly rewards - If you're a Valora user, you can claim weekly rewards and save them for your next purchase. Then whenever you’re ready you can use your crypto savings to buy products from thousands of popular brands on Bidali.

Bidali’s bid for the future

Bidali provides a convenient and easy way to shop, even for those without a credit card. Now you can use your digital currency to pay for dinner, travel, groceries, and more, all without any issuance or transaction fees. If you're looking for a way to use your assets in Valora for real-world products, Bidali can be your go-to dapp.

To help encourage Valora users to start using Bidali, we are hosting a giveaway! Find out how to enter here. 💫

*Restaurant selection is unique to individual countries. Check on Bidali to see restaurants available in your location and terms and conditions.

**Airbnb options are available in these countries: USA, Italy, Spain, UK, Germany, France, Canada, and the Netherlands.

*** Mobile provider selection is dependent on your country and region. Check on Bidali to see mobile providers available in your location and terms and conditions.

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29. Juni 2023

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