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4 free things all new Valora users should do immediately

8. September 2023facebook-icontwitter-iconlinkedin-icon


  • Kickstart your crypto journey with Valora! We have created the ultimate cheatsheet of dapps to start earning rewards instantly with Valora. 

  • GoodDollar – Claim free G$ daily as Universal Basic Income.

  • JumpTask – Complete tasks, share bandwidth, and earn $JMPT tokens.

  • Masa Finance – Get your own free customized NFT .celo domain.

  • impactMarket – Learn about financial education and earn rewards for completing courses. 

4 ~free~ things all new Valora users should do immediately

New to Valora and ready to take your first steps towards unlocking financial opportunities? We’ve got you covered.

To kickstart your adventure, we've gathered the ultimate assortment of dapps to immediately start earning rewards with Valora.

From exclusive rewards to exciting perks and freebies, this is where your Valora adventure starts.

1. Claim G$ - Collect UBI with GoodDollar

GoodDollar is a Universal Basic Income (UBI) protocol that strives to address wealth disparity through DeFi access and education. Eligible users receive free tokens as UBI - distributed as digital currency called G$.

To claim your Daily UBI, you must first verify your identity using your device’s camera. This step will set up your GoodDollar-Verified Address, which is linked to a unique individual.

Once you’re verified, you can claim G$ UBI daily by tapping "claim" in your Valora wallet. (Remember, your verified wallet address is the only one you can use to claim G$ tokens.)

*Pro tip - head to Valora’s homepage and select “View Assets,” to quickly view your dapp positions and claim your rewards.

Claiming G$ UBI is just the first step in many opportunities with GoodDollar. Learn more about UBI and how to get started with GoodDollar in this dapp spotlight. 

2. Earn $JMPT - Complete tasks with JumpTask

JumpTask is an international gig marketplace that collaborates with brands and businesses to provide users with special opportunities to earn $JMPT tokens for completing tasks. 

JumpTask rewards users with $JMPT tokens for performing microtasks, surveys, or playing games. For those who rather earn rewards passively, you can earn $JMPT tokens by just sharing internet bandwidth and staking by $JMPT.

Simply connect your Valora wallet to start completing tasks, and receive instant payments that can be withdrawn to your Valora wallet in seconds.

On the JumpTask marketplace, you can: 

  • Do Surveys - Earn rewards from surveys available worldwide, with new questionnaires added regularly.

  • Complete Tasks - Watch videos, review apps, test games, and complete other tasks to earn rewards.

  • Share Bandwidth - Stake your $JMPT or share bandwidth to passively earn $JMPT.

For step-by-step instructions and exclusive JumpTask offers, check out our recent dapp spotlight on JumpTask. 

3. Get a Celo Domain - Mint NFTs through Masa Finance

Masa is building digital identities to give people better control over what information they share online.

One of their first tools allows you to create your own, personalized .celo domain.

Valora already allows you to sync your phone number, giving you the ability to send and receive money from the people you know in real life.

But if you prefer the safety of a username online, Masa is a great way to send and receive funds to your Valora wallet.

Here’s how you can claim your free .celo domain with Masa:

  1. Connect your Valora wallet to Masa.

  2. Tap on the “Domains” section of the Dapp.

  3. Enter your desired .celo domain name and register to create an NFT of your domain.


*Pro tip - With a .celo domain, you can take advantage of a new solution called a Prosperity Passport. It’s a fully decentralized identity solution on the Celo blockchain, bringing you improved privacy, better security, and more control over your digital identity.

Check out our Dapp spotlight on Masa for more information on what you can do with your Web3 identity.

4. Learn & Earn - Collect/receive/earn rewards for learning with impactMarket

impactMarket harnesses DeFi (decentralized finance) technology to provide tools and programs to support financially underserved individuals around the world.

How? By making financial tools and education accessible through the power of blockchain technology.

Here are the three products you can use: 

  • Microcredit - By using DeFi, impactMarket has conducted programs in Brazil and Uganda to offer credit to underserved individuals. 

  • Universal Basic Income - Harnessing the power of blockchain technology, impactMarket utilizes the ability of full transparency and efficiency of on-chain transactions to help underserved communities. 

  • Learn & Earn - The platform focuses on creating engaging educational content on various financial practices and projects such as the basics of finance, credit, saving, and more.


For those of you who would like to get started right away and begin earning rewards with impactMarket, Learn & Earn is a great program to start with. 


Improve your financial education - and earn rewards in the process!! All through Valora.

*Pro Tip - make sure your app is updated to the latest version of Valora to access exciting dapp shortcuts and new features.

Get Started

These are just four examples of dapps that enable you to claim UBI, earn rewards for completing tasks, create a .celo domain and collect rewards for learning.

With a growing ecosystem of Celo dapps in Valora, there’s no shortage of opportunities to put your crypto to work today.

What are you waiting for?

Read more with this guide to Get started with Valora and download Valora here to support our environment!

8. September 2023

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