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Dapp Spotlight: Create a .celo NFT Domain with Masa

May 25, 2023facebook-icontwitter-iconlinkedin-icon


  • Valora wallet owners on Android can now claim their own custom 5 letter .celo domain for free, from the Masa Prosperity Passport dapp on the Valora dapps page. 

  • The new .celo domains are the first piece of Prosperity Passport, a new community partnership by Masa Finance and Celo.

  • Prosperity Passport is a soulbound token-powered identity system by Masa Finance, a protocol building identity infrastructure for Developers building Web3 communities.

  • Once you’ve claimed a .celo domain NFT, you can use it as your new address to receive funds to your Valora wallet. 

What is Masa? 

At Valora we’re excited to share this week’s dapp spotlight with Masa Finance . Masa’s mission is to bring humanity on-chain by providing users with the ability to create NFT domains for wallets, earn rewards such as badges for participation in Web3 communities, and much more. Additionally, Masa provides tools for Web3 developers to easily offer digital identity services that improve participation in their communities. 

With a recent launch on Celo, the Masa community has expanded to an engaged ecosystem - with the Valora wallet as an easy way for any user to get started. By partnering together Masa x Celo x Valora, our goal is to connect Valora users with Masa’s growing community and introduce them to an exciting and accessible way to begin building an identity in Web3 - starting with a special offer to claim their own unique .celo Domain Name (for free!).


What can I do with Masa? 

Masa is a Web3 dapp that offers benefits for Users and Developers alike. To provide a brief overview of some of the current Masa capabilities, we’ve listed a number of benefits that they provide to not only users but also Web3 developers too. 

For Users 

  • Claim .celo domains - With this partnership, you’ll now be able to get your own free NFT .celo domain name for your wallet! NFT domain. For those who are new to NFT domains, they are like special digital passports for your Web3 wallet. These NFT domains are useful because they are easy to remember vs. a long string of 42 random characters. Additionally, NFT domains are one-of-a-kind, making them unique and even tradeable on NFT platforms.

  • Get Rewards - Masa is a dapp that has many partnerships across the web3 space. Using Masa tools, there are many types of rewards through which you can participate and get by using your Masa-created NFT domain. For example, we will be sharing a reward promotion for those who mint a .celo address through Valora! More details below. 

  • Collect Badges - With many dapps in Web3 adopting Masa tools for digital identity, users will be able to get badges that represent their community status and contributions to individual projects. These are great ways to show off to communities all the hard work and contributions that you have done for various projects.

For Developers

  • Tools - If you’re a Web3 developer Masa, provides a variety of easily integrated identity tools. These tools enable you to actively engage and reward your community for participation, contributions, or specific achievements. These are great ways for you to increase engagement and provide fun user experiences that all link into an NFT domain name that each user can select for themselves. 

Connect to Masa Prosperity Passport using Valora 

To start using Masa Prosperity Passport, you will first need to connect to Valora. If you haven’t already - you can download the Valora app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store here. It only takes a few simple steps to set up your Valora wallet.

To get started using Masa and get your free NFT .celo domain name, follow the steps below. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on Discord, and our team would be happy to assist you. 

1. Launch Valora

  • Launch Valora on your smartphone

  • Select Masa on the Dapps page 

  • Connect Wallet in Masa using Valora 

2. Get a Free .celo Domain 

  • Click Domains to start in Masa 

  • Enter the name that you would like for .celo

  • Register to create an NFT of your domain 

What opportunities do you have with Masa?

Once you create a .celo domain name, you can take advantage of a new solution called Prosperity Passport, which is a unique identity solution for the Celo blockchain. This feature is a decentralized identity solution that aims to provide users with increased privacy, security, and control over your digital identity. 

It utilizes soulbound tokens, unique digital assets connected to users' identities, to privately authenticate and secure their identities across Web3 dapps. By verifying your identity on the Celo blockchain, users can create a soulbound token that grants user access to various services and applications. The soulbound token is bound to the user, and only the rightful owner can access this digital identity. 

Prosperity Passport is one of the key tools that this Masa partnership unlocks to provide Valora users with enhanced privacy, improved security against malicious actions and a seamless user experience through interoperability with other decentralized identity solutions. 

Why we’re excited 

Now that you’ve created your own NFT .celo domain, there are new fun ways to get rewards! One special promotion that we’re really excited about is one that we are running for this Masa x Celo x Valora partnership. 

We’ll be airdropping prizes to .celo wallets for 10 winners who show off their new .celo domain. Thanks to Masa, we can now offer engaging on-chain promotions for our community and send prizes directly to winners’ Valora wallets. 

Stay tuned and make sure to follow @Valora and @getmasafi on Twitter to get details on this upcoming promo and others in the future, made possible by our Masa partnership! 

If you haven’t already, make sure to download the Valora app today to get your free NFT .celo domain! 

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It should not be taken as an endorsement, investment, tax, financial, or other advice. Masa is not built or maintained by Valora, nor does Valora receive any payment or other form of compensation from Masa. This article simply aims to provide an explanation of how many people around the world are using the Valora wallet to access and explore decentralized applications like Masa. As with any Web3 solution, you alone assume the sole responsibility of evaluating the merits and risks associated with using any third-party decentralized application.

May 25, 2023

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