Valora 可解锁 Celo 上的 Web3

现在,您仅通过 Valora 就可以轻松购买、储存、发送、消费和赚取加密货币。通过我们的新的 Dapp 页面,您可以关联 Celo 生态系统中其他支持借出、借入、购买 NFT、质押、交换、玩游戏等功能的 Dapp。 

Valora 作为您在这些 Dapp 的单点登录,为您提供通往 Web3 的门户。随着我们 Dapp 页面的扩展,您还将拥有更多可能。建立在 Celo 上的 Dapp 的优点是快速且经济实惠,仅需 5 秒的区块时间和不到 0.01 美元的交易手续费。

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Innovation is happening in Web3

In Web3, products and services are owned and governed by those who use them, instead of centralized organizations.

This dynamic incentivizes and empowers people to come together in new ways, engage with the latest opportunities, and make better use of their resources. As a result, Web3 is home to an immense amount of innovation and creativity.

Web 1, Web2, Web 3

Valora 中的 Dapp

  • Moola
    Lend, borrow, or pool your crypto while getting rewards

  • Bidali
    Use your crypto to purchase gift cards from brands worldwide

  • impactMarket
    Donate, stake, and collect $PACT while empowering underserved communities

  • Mento
    Exchange Celo assets

  • Flywallet
    Book and save for flights with your crypto

  • HaloFi Challenges
    HaloFi Challenges: save and succeed

  • HaloFi Save
    Join the future of savings with HaloFi Save

  • NFT Viewer
    View all your Celo NFT collections in one place

  • ChurritoFi
    Easily stake CELO to get rewards

  • Plastiks
    Discover NFTs for plastic recovery

  • EthicHub
    Lend capital to unbanked farmers through DeFi crowdfunding

  • Double
    Get rewards by providing liquidity

  • Uniswap
    Swap and get rewards by providing liquidity

  • Staked Celo
    Stake CELO and get rewards while keeping your crypto liquid

  • Ipermatch
    Collect NFT footballers and be the manager of YOUR team

  • Curve
    Swap between stable assets

  • Toucan Protocol
    Use your crypto to create carbon credits for climate action

  • Cred Protocol
    Get your Web3 credit score

  • GoodDollar
    Claim UBI daily or stake to earn and support UBI

  • JumpTask
    Earn crypto as you play, solve or share

  • Masa Prosperity Passport
    Claim a free .celo domain, refer friends and earn rewards

  • LlamaSwap
    Find the best route for your trade giving you the best execution prices in DeFi

  • ImmortalX
    Trade crypto with low fees directly from your wallet, with up to 50x leverage

  • Sarafu Network
    Create, use and explore Community Asset Vouchers with Grassroots Economics

  • Hedgey Finance
    Empower your team and investors with on-chain token vesting

  • Talent Protocol
    Where builders commit to goals, share their progress and find the support they need to succeed

  • Wallet DM
    Chat securely between wallets

  • Ubeswap
    Exchange, pool, or farm your crypto

  • Revoke Cash
    Take back control of your wallet

  • Onramp Money
    The financial platform for buying/selling crypto. Convert fiat to web3 money

  • Beefy
    Earn compound interest on your crypto holdings

  • Layer3
    Quests that make learning and exploring crypto fun, engaging and rewarding

  • Glo Dollar
    Fund public goods by hodling a stablecoin

  • Aave
    Earn interest and borrow assets

Valora 入门

Web3 正在形成期,现在是您尽早入门并探索它的最佳时机。其中有着大量机会,未来您还将拥有更多机会。借助易于使用的钱包,您可以轻松利用这一切。


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