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Valora is covering your cash in fees–now available in the U.S.

20 tháng 10, 2021facebook-icontwitter-iconlinkedin-icon

As of Dec 3, the Simplex fee waiver has run out. Stay up to date on similar initiatives in the future by following us on Twitter.

We are working hard to eliminate fees and unlock financial opportunities for you, no matter where you live. Today, we are excited to include the U.S. in our list of 100+ countries where you can add funds without the cash in fees. Which means, one of the easiest ways to get into crypto just got even easier. 

For a limited time, Valora is covering your cUSD cash in fees whenever you fund your account via Simplex in the U.S.*. The goal is to eliminate barriers preventing you from exploring the many benefits of crypto like, say, getting 50% annual rewards on your stablecoin balance through our Supercharge rewards program.

If you’re looking to get into crypto, now is the time to do it. Want to get started?

"Now, for a limited time, we’re excited to cover cash in fees for our friends in the United States."

Download the Valora app today and connect your phone number, then start adding funds. Find the step-by-step here. We recommend adding funds using your debit card since credit cards might be subject to fees by U.S. banks.

Our goal is to make it easier to benefit from blockchain technology by eliminating the barriers and pain points along the way. From removing fees to unlocking DeFi for mobile users, we’re always looking for new ways to make crypto and DeFi exciting rather than laborious. But don’t take our word for it; try it for yourself.

Download Valora for Android and iOS and get your fees covered while the promotion lasts.

*Simplex is not yet available in some states, such as Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Washington, and Vermont.

20 tháng 10, 2021

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