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New Expanded Swaps Feature in Valora

15 tháng 11, 2023facebook-icontwitter-iconlinkedin-icon

Valora is excited to announce a new, expanded swaps feature in the Valora App. It’s now easier than ever to swap between 45+ popular cryptocurrencies on the Celo network. Choose from your favorite assets, easily access stablecoins, and start building a portfolio directly from your Valora wallet. 


  • Expanded swaps are live now in the Valora app - Access the new expanded swaps options directly from the home page of your wallet.

  • Expanded swaps include over 45 new assets - Assets include Wrapped ETH, Wrapped SOL, Binance (BNB), PLASTIK, ETHIX, and yield-bearing Moola stablecoins like mCUSD, mCEUR, or mCREAL.

  • New assets provide better ways to diversify - Anyone can now build a varied portfolio of the most popular cryptocurrencies, get rewarded on their stablecoins with Supercharge, and access dapp tokens, all with the fast, low-cost, and carbon-negative transactions of Celo.

Access the new swaps directly from the home page of your Valora wallet

With native swaps, you no longer need to use a separate dapp to access popular cryptocurrencies. Swaps are available directly through the Valora home page. Expanded swaps source liquidity and assets through Uniswap, Curve, and a number of other decentralized exchanges to ensure you’re receiving the best prices available on the Celo network. 


Trade over 45 assets - and more on the way

You can now choose from over 45 new assets in your Valora wallet, including top cryptocurrencies like Wrapped ETH, Wrapped SOL, Binance and popular Celo dapp tokens like PLASTIK, ETHIX, PACT, and MOO. 

Stay tuned as our team is continuously working with our dapp partners to make more assets available.

Why we’re excited

Direct swaps simplify access to dozens of assets, including some of the largest and most popular cryptocurrencies such as Ether, SOL, and BNB as wrapped assets. Similarly, Valora users can now access yield-bearing Moola stablecoins like mCUSD, mCEUR, or mCREAL, and tokens from some of the most popular Celo dapps like Plastiks, EthicHub, and impactMarket - right from the wallet. 

Valora is a self-custody wallet - giving everyone around the world the ability to fully own and control their assets without having to rely on a bank or a centralized exchange. This means you still maintain full custody of your assets. Now that wrapped assets make it possible to hold Ether or SOL in your Valora wallet, you can do so while benefiting from faster, cheaper, and carbon-negative transactions on Celo. 

To put that in perspective, with Wrapped ETH on Celo, you’ll have to swap roughly 1500 times in Valora before reaching the cost of even a single transaction on Ethereum Mainnet.

This update makes it seamless and cost-effective for anyone who uses swaps to trade to do so from the Valora wallet. But more importantly, it makes using crypto easier for real people and real applications around the world. 

Save, Spend, Swap!


Now you can hold the cryptocurrency of your choice, spend less than a fraction of a cent to convert when you need to, purchase real-world goods, and easily send money directly to friends, family, or loved ones - whether they’re close by, or all the way on the other side of the world. Right from your phone. 

These features are already live. Go try them out for yourself, and tell us what you think on X at @Valora

Disclaimer: Valora is only an intermediary in your swap. Valora compares rates from multiple routers, such as 0x, SquidRouter, and OpenOcean, to find you the best exchange rate across several decentralized exchanges. Valora does not provide the liquidity, execute the trade, or sell you tokens. Please remember to always do your research before completing a swap.

15 tháng 11, 2023

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