Valora's Dapp Bake Off

Submissions extended! Apply here by February 18th.

Calling all Celo dapp builders! Valora is hosting a Dapp Bake Off to help dapp builders get exposure to new users. Dapp builders will submit their dapps to be featured on Valora’s new Dapps Page. The Celo ecosystem has evolved quite a bit over the last 6 months with many new users and new projects joining. We’re excited to work with builders to provide a seamless experience for Valora users across the world to engage with dapps that help them leverage their cryptocurrency in useful ways.


Winners will be awarded with:

  • Featured placement in Valora’s Dapps page;

  • 10,000 cUSD prize for the winner of each category; and

  • Joint promotion on Valora's social and marketing channels

Contest structure

Each submitted dapp will get equal exposure on our Dapps Page, spotlighted under a ‘New Apps’ section set up for the contest. For 30 days, Valora will periodically share updates and analytics around dapp usage to this page. Builders can use this to track their progress during the contest so they can alter, update, and make pertinent improvements to their dapp.

Award Categories

The Valora Team will award winners in each of the following categories:

  • Most popular – Dapp with greatest number of users (i.e., greatest number of unique Valora wallet addresses opening the Dapp)

  • Most engaging – Dapp with most engagement (i.e., greatest usage measured by as number of transactions per unique Valora wallet address attributable to that Dapp)

  • Most global Dapp with the most diverse users (i.e., greatest number of unique Valora wallet addresses from different countries)

  • Fastest growing – Dapp with the greatest increase in users (i.e., the highest rate of change in unique Valora wallet addresses opening the Dapp)

Requirements for participation

We are working on formalizing the official rules for participation, but you should expect that your submission will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Dapp must support WalletConnect V1 or DAppKit (see the latest 3.0.0 version of use-contractkit!)

  • Dapp must not obfuscate any smart contracts they use

  • Dapp must be mobile-first or mobile responsive 

  • Dapp must be in one of the approved categories (see the JSON file here)

  • Dapp must include a URL to user documentation

Questions & Support

The Bake Off is being coordinated by the Valora Team. You can contact us, ask questions, and discuss in #bakeoff on the Valora Discord Server.

Signup and process for participation

To join the Bake Off, submit a Pull Request to Valora’s dapp-list GitHub repository.

Be prepared to include:

  • Dapp name

  • Dapp description

  • Dapp category

  • Dapp logo

  • Dapp URL

  • Dapp user documentation URL

The Valora Team will review your submission and respond with feedback for you to address.


  • February 1: first day for submissions (submit early to ensure you have the most time to address feedback!)

  • February 18: last day for submissions

  • February 28: last day to address the Valora Team’s feedback

  • March 4: Bake Off starts and participating dapps appear in the Valora dapp page

  • March 4 - April 4: The Valora Team periodically publishes results and analytics

  • April 4: Bake Off concludes, final stats are published, and awards are given

Official Rules

Please read Valora’s Dapp Bake Off Official Rules at