Stablecoin earning in just a few taps

26 June 2024facebook-icontwitter-iconlinkedin-icon


  • Stablecoin earnings just got easier: Typically, purchasing and entering stable asset pools requires multiple steps. We’ve simplified this process so you can manage your positions easily, all from your Valora wallet. 

  • Easily manage your positions, all on mobile: Effortlessly join, manage, and withdraw from Aave pools all within your mobile phone (no more toggling between browsers) in just a few taps.

  • For a limited time, deposit USDC in Aave pools with ZERO fees!

Introducing Stablecoin Earnings

You can now join, manage, and withdraw from Web3 pools without ever leaving the Valora app.

Purchasing and entering stable asset pools typically requires multiple steps—exiting and reentering your app and browser to set up, manage, and withdraw your assets. We’ve simplified this process for a fully native, mobile experience that enables easy and direct access to stablecoin earning pools—all in a few taps.

With this new stablecoin earning feature, you can:

  • Participate and manage your pool directly from Valora (in just a few taps)

  • Maximize earnings with zero gas fees (for a limited time)

  • Easily access your funds and withdraw whenever you want


How to get started:

  • Open Valora or download the app (if you haven’t already!) 

  • Tap on Valora’s “Discover” page

  • Look for the “Maximize your earnings on stablecoins” message at the top of your screen, then tap “Start Earning” to get started

  • Add the amount of USDC* you would like to enter 

  • Review the exchange rate and tap “Continue”

  • If you don’t already own USDC on Arbitrum, you can “Buy, Transfer, or Swap” USDC using one of our trusted providers

    • Choose your provider and/or exchange another Arbitrum token for USDC

  • Review your deposit before tapping “Complete” and see your savings grow!

Review, manage, and withdraw your active pools:

  • Return to Valora’s Discover page to review and collect your earnings

  • Or, tap the (V) Home button to view your deposit in your activity feed

  • You can withdraw from the pool at any time


Valora is on a mission to unlock access to financial growth for our users, and this means leading the way in mobile Web3. 

With our latest feature, we’ve taken the lead in the industry by building a completely native experience that allows our users to participate in interest-yielding pools directly from the Valora app. And since we want you to start earning right away, we’ve partnered with our friends at Syndicate (@syndicateio) to create a seamless way to enable zero gas fees for this initial promotion period. **

This pool option is just the beginning. We’re looking forward to providing more simplified experiences for our users around the world to access more financial opportunities. Are there features you’d like to see next? Let us know

Be sure to stay tuned and follow @Valora to be the first to know about upcoming features and launches, and reach out to @AskValora for any support needs.

*We encourage you to read more about USDC and USDT; please remember that stablecoins are not without risk, and there is no guarantee your purchase will maintain its value.)

**DISCLAIMER: Please note that the APY is always changing. Valora is not investing the funds nor providing returns; we are simply connecting users to pools/markets. Any participation in external savings pools is at your own risk. We encourage you to review Aave’s and Valora's terms and conditions and always do your research before entering into any transactions. The promotion mentioned above lasts for a limited time.

26 June 2024

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