Introducing Dapp Shortcuts, NFT collections & Withdraw in Brazil

18 August 2023facebook-icontwitter-iconlinkedin-icon


The latest version of the Valora app is now live, with updates including new and improved experiences across dapp actions, collectibles, and withdrawal methods: 

  • Introducing Dapps Shortcuts: a new and simplified way to accomplish simple dapps transactions, directly from the Valora app. 

  • Native NFT Gallery Viewer: Now you can easily view your collectibles - including details and attributes, directly from the Valora app. 

  • Withdraw directly to a bank account: Our community in Brazil can now withdraw funds directly to a bank account using Lovecrypto.

  • Additional updates: including bug fixes for WalletConnect, simplified home screen navigation, and improved fee visibility with integrated partners. 

Introducing Dapp Shortcuts

Design at Valora is focused on making every Web3 interaction as easy and intuitive as possible - no matter where you are or what device you use. 

The most significant new feature of this release provides a new, simpler way to interact with your favorite dapps, starting with GoodDollar.  


Rather than connecting to the GoodDollar dapp, Valora users can now claim their GoodDollar rewards daily with a single tap at the top of the dapps page. 

Similarly, dapps shortcuts now make it easy to view your dapps positions directly from the Valora wallet, making it easier to track where and how you’re earning. 

Whereas most wallets will require users to connect directly to a dapp to view their balance (and therefore remember for themselves, where and how they’ve purchased digital assets), this feature allows our communities to track their balances and positions directly from the wallet. 

If you’re a developer or dapp partner interested in building a new custom shortcut for your dapp, check out the Valora Hooks repo on GitHub or join #dapp-dev on Valora’s Discord.

View NFT Collectibles, details, and attributes

When you visit the drop down menu in your Valora wallet, you’ll now see “Collectibles” as the first option under home. Tap in to view and explore your NFTs directly in the Valora wallet. 

NFTs are now visible in the wallet, and sorted by the date they were added. To view details including description and attributes, simply tap a collectible to learn more. 

Note: details including descriptions and attributes vary by collection, and not all NFT collections include additional information. 

Withdraw directly to Brazilian bank accounts

For the Valora community in Brazil, this latest release now provides the option to withdraw directly to your bank account using a new integrated partner: Lovecrypto.

 "Lovecrypto is a long-time admirer of Celo and Valora. It is a pleasure to be an On/Off Ramp partner in Brazil and provide the Valora community the ability to off-ramp (and soon) on-ramp in less than 10 minutes through PIX."

Edmilson Rodrigues, CEO of Lovecrypto

With Lovecrypto, you can withdraw funds from your Valora wallet to a Brazilian bank account within one to two days. Lovecrypto offers the lowest fees in Brazil - a withdrawal costs only R$1 with additional fees waived for a limited time. 

Additional Updates: WalletConnect bugs, Navigation, and Transparent Fees

In addition to shortcuts, our updated collectibles experience, and withdrawals, this release includes a number of new improvements throughout the Valora app: 

  • This update addresses on-going issues with dapp connections following the recent Walletconnect update. If you’re encountering issues connecting to dapps, please update to the latest version of the Valora wallet. 

  • New homepage navigation updates make it easier to access key actions within the wallet: sending funds, adding funds, swaping, requesting payments, and withdrawing funds, directly from your home screen. 

  • We strive for full transparency with our community when it comes to your transactions with our integrated partners. Fees charged for adding and withdrawing funds are now clearly stated and visible in the transaction flow. Valora receives no fees from our integrated partners on your transactions.

Update now to access the latest version of the Valora App:

On your mobile device:

  1. To update your Valora wallet, visit the App Store or Google Play store from your mobile device.


We’re excited to release these latest futures, as well as additional updates coming soon. Our mission is to make web3 as simple and as useful as possible for everyone, across all devices. 

When you download Valora, you are unlocking limitless financial opportunities, whether you are saving, spending, or growing your crypto holdings. Make sure to update your wallet regularly to access the latest features and to ensure you are using the most secure version of the Valora wallet. 

Have thoughts on this latest update? Tag us in your review, send questions to @Valora on X, and follow to keep up with the latest updates and promotions.

18 August 2023

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