Here’s how your Celo assets can help in Ukraine

4 March 2022facebook-icontwitter-iconlinkedin-icon

The tragedy developing in Ukraine is beyond words.

The Web3 community has mobilized, donating over 48 million dollars to aid Ukrainians since Russia’s invasion. Crypto has been an especially important tool for Ukrainians looking to keep their finances secure and to receive aid quickly during these unstable times.

The world is in shock and although you might feel as if there’s nothing you can do, there is. We want to tell you about three ways you can use your crypto right now to help the people of Ukraine.

We have more impact when we work together. If you are unable to donate in large portions, we ask you to consider donating your Supercharge rewards to Ukraine each week. There is no better use of your crypto right now.

Here’s where to donate

  1. ImpactMarket launched a Universal Basic Income (UBI) program for those who were forced to flee and need financial support. You can donate to this program with cUSD by accessing the impactMarket Dapp from your Valora wallet.


  2. You can contribute cUSD via Doni Pay. One of our Valora employees is personally running this program, providing humanitarian, medical and military supplies to the people of Ukraine.


  3. You can donate CELO through the UnchainFund to provide help where Ukrainians need it most. UnchainFund is a cross-chain collaboration with NEAR, Celo, Polygon, Solana, and many more. As of March 3rd, there have been 166 applications to receive aid. They are very transparent with their allocation of funds—you can view the reports on Discord.

Valora is accessible in Ukraine 

The Valora app has always been available for people in Ukraine, and next week, we’re adding the Ukrainian language. 

Ukrainians are able to purchase gift cards for businesses in whichever country they’re currently located outside of Ukraine. Gift card options vary by country, but often include options for flights, hotels, restaurants, and mobile phone carriers.  

Please reach out to our support team at if you have any questions about donating. As the situation progresses, we will keep you updated on new ways to leverage your crypto to support Ukraine.

4 March 2022

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Founders across the Celo community have partnered with Anka Relief to directly fund relief efforts on the ground with crypto.

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Founders across the Celo community have partnered with Anka Relief to directly fund relief efforts on the ground with crypto.

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